May 2013: a cosmic collision

The Antennae Galaxies are a spectacular example of a cosmic collision. These two galaxies are undergoing a merge process, which will probably result in a huge elliptical galaxy in the future.

Antennae Galaxies

This is a challenging object. In one hand, there are some interesting details in the galaxies to show, as a number of active areas. On the other hand, the long stars and dust tails are very dim, and need a good signal ratio and a careful processing. Continue reading May 2013: a cosmic collision

May 2013: hundreds of galaxies!

For some time, I had been thinking of imaging really deep, to get faint and distant galaxies. So, I decided to point to a part of the Coma Berenices galaxy cluster, surrounding galaxy NGC4889.

The result is absolutely amazing to me. I’ve been able to identify 124 named galaxies, but there’re a lot of faint specks there which are probably galaxies too, so I guess that this picture may contain some 200 to 300 galaxies.

Coma Berenices comentada

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