July 2015: the Trifid Nebula

The Trifid, or M20, is one of the most imaged targets in the sky. But I had a pending issue with this baby. The only picture I had with the QSI CCD wasn’t good, as I had had a problem with focus during that night. And my list of targets was long, so that M20 had to wait.

Now, it’s been time to fix my relationship with the Trifid.

I imaged woth H-alpha filter, 500 second-log exposure, and with RGB (300 seconds each). The tracking performance was very good during all the session.

Trifid HRGB

I processed creating a “synthetic” L and R channels by means of a combination between the original H-alpha & R subs. Deconvolution applied to the final L layer enhanced the nebula details.

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