August 2016: North America & Pelican in H-alpha

The Moon was shining powerful, almost full. Time to take a break? Nop! With the H-alpha filter high-quality pictures can be obtained regardless of the moonlight.

So I pointed at the NorthAmerica Nebula, and tried to frame also the Pelican.

North America Halfa signed

It’s amazing how much detail can be achieved with long exposures of the H-alpha filter.

As a curiosity, a satellite happened to cross the field while I was imaging. It was recorded in the first frame:

north america with satellite

After some investigation, taking into account the precise timing of the event, I identified the invader as NEE-02 KRYSAOR, launched in 2013 and belonging to Ecuador:

north america with satellite slide

Go to this object description and this image technical detail.