August 2012: a challenging mosaic, the Western Veil

My configuration (8″ LX200 with the Optec Focal Reducer and the QSI-583WSG) provides an effective FoV of about 40′ X 30′. This is a good field for many objects, but fails to cover big targets. One of these “big targets” is the Veil Nebula. So, I decided to go for my first mosaic!

This mosaic is a challenging one indeed. I needed 6 overlaping frames to cover almost all of it. As you can imagine, processing was critical, to get similar background brightnesses among the frames.

Each frame contains 3 subs through H-alpha, R, G and B filters. Exposures are 700 seconds for the H-alpha, and 400 seconds for RGB.

This is the result. I must say I am quite satisfied with it! This experience now encourages me to go for some “easier” mosaics (maybe 2 frames) to image objects too big for my regular configuration.

Go to this object description and this image technical detail.