April 2013: NGC4631

Springtime is galaxy season!

This is the Whale galaxy, or NGC4631. You can find this beauty is Canes Venatici, and it’s a spiral galaxy seen almost edge-on. Above the whale, you see the calf (galaxy NGC4627).

This galaxy shows us many fine details in its galatic plane. Look for red and pink areas where star formation activity is probably ocurring.

For this image, I fine tuned my polar aligment, and I think the extra work paid off.

This is a wider viwe of the image:

I used 8 frames with L filter, at 500 seconds each and binned 2X2, and 5 subs through RGB at 200 seconds each and binned 3X3, for more than 2 hours total.

 Go to this object description and this image technical detail.