April 2013: … and more galaxies

These are beautiful M65 and M66, in Leo. Both are spirals, and M66 (lower left) clearly shows its barred structure.

A remarkable number of details have been captured, as one can see in the zoomed version of both galaxies. These details are even clearer in the inverted images …

Look at the bar, the spiral structure with its two main arms, and the spiral areas were star formation activity is held.

And although M65 doesn’t seem to show so many details, it’s yet amazing to look at it carefully:

For this image, I used 5.400 seconds of light, with 6 frames through the L filter, at 400 seconds each and binned 2X2, and 5 subs through RGB at 200 seconds each and binned 3X3.

 Go to this object description and this image technical detail.

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