July 2011: Narrowband against full-Moon light

More of narrowband. This time, I tested the H-alpha filter on a delicate object in a full-Moon night. Of course, the light of the Moon washed out almost any signal from the R, G and B filters (the R one did capture some). But, as expected, the H-alpha subs were perfect, with no trace of light from the Moon. I even increased exposure time to 700 seconds in the subs. 

The target was the North America Nebula (NGC7000). Well, a small fraction of it, because it’s a quite wide object. In this case, I targeted the “central america” portion of it.

I’ll have to come to it again without Moon!

(H-Alpha + R)GB, with 700-second and binned 2X2 for H-alpha, and 300-second and binned 3X3 for RGB: 5 subs for H-Alpha, and 3 subs for R, G and B. Imaged with the QSI583WSG, guided with the DSI (and re-processed from the previous version after six months, trying to apply my improvements in processing!!!)

Go to this object description and this image technical detail.