August 2014: stunning Milky Way from Tanzania

Taking advantage of my summer trip to northern Tanzania, I took some pictures of that wonderful night sky. Far from any urban presence, and sorounded by bright eyes illuminated with my flaslight, I pointed my Canon 70D camera up to the sky, using a sturdy tripod, and a cable shutter to avoid vibrations. I tested some configurations, but in all of them I used a 18mm, f3.5 lens, and ISO from 200 to 400. Exposure times from 15 to 20 seconds. And image quality set to RAW. I used dark frames for processing, and I stacked up to 8 subs for image.

Here are some of the results. I have marked in them interesting objects:

sky03 iso400 15s 8frames


sky03 iso400 15s 8frames identification

sky05 iso400 15s 5frames

sky05 iso400 15s 5frames identification

    Go to this object description and this image technical detail.

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