Milky Way from Montsec

This is an image of the Milky Way, taken with my Canon 70D and the iOptron Skytracker. The sky was pristine and wonderful, in the Montsec area in Catalonia. This is, in fact, a Starlight certified sky.

The image was taken with 4 minutes of exposition at ISO3200, and the tracking was excellent even with a quick & dirty polar alignment.

Via Làctia Montsec

This is a crop of the previous image, highlighting the area between Saggitarius and Scorpius.

Via Làctia detall Montsec

Huge dust lanes obscure the view towards the galaxy center. A number of deep sky objects can be identified in the picture.

More pictures. This time, a 3-image mosaic, showing the Milky Way in its full glory ove Montsec Observatory domes.

Montsec Via Làctia panorama de 3 signed

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