August 2016: the Western Veil, my new mobile setup first light

Since some time ago I began thinking of a new setup. A “portable” one, which could be easily trasported in my car and get ready in the outdoors for a night-long astrophoto session.

My beloved LX200 is way too heavy for transportation and for a quick setup. It remains in my permanent observation site in Falset, And this location is away from my home. So I wanted an equipment that could be ready at home for transportation, and that was easy to setup in the field.

I also wanted to have a wide field scope. This has to do with an easy setup and operation. The wider the field, the more forgiving it would be regarding alignment and guiding.

After some due dilligence, I selected a TS 80mm APO astrophoto refractor, with a focal reducer-flattener to give a F4.7 system. An ideal configuration to pair with the QSI583WSG (a pixel size of almost 3 arcsec at bin 1). And a iOptron iEQ30Pro mount.

This is my first final picture with this scope. The quality of the system is remarkable, and although I struggled for some months with balancing issues I finally had it ready for operation. In the field I found the problem of having enough electrical power for everything… but this is explained in the articles section.

Veil signed

I’m quite happy with this performance. The field is really wide: about 2.5 x 3 degrees. The color balance is very good, and the operation (alignment & guiding) very easy as wished.

This is a cropped version.

Veil cropped signed

Go to this object description and this image technical detail.