Solar System

Welcome to the Solar System image page. Here you’ll access some of my pictures. At this time, all of them were taken with the old CCD (DSI) or with a digital camera.

 Object: Moon

Lluna-mosaic-de-tres-fons-igualatDescription: This is a 3-frame mosaic of a nearly full Moon.

Technical data: Meade LX-200 8″ at F3.3, DSI Pro. Adquired and stacked with Meade Envisage, and processed with Astroart.



Description: This is a composite mosaic taken of the lunar eclipse of August 16th 2008. The pictures were captured with a DLSR camera (an Olympus E330 with a 14-45 digital zoom).

Eclipsi lluna 16 Agost 2008

Object: Solar eclipse – August 21st 2017

Description: These are pictures of the total solar eclipse from Madras, Oregon.

This is the totality, processed with HDR (combining different exposures to capture the detail of the solar corona):

eclipsi HDR_crop_neta_ajustada signada







This is the first diamond ring, with some “pearls” seen:

eclipsi perles signat







And this is the final diamond ring:

eclipsi diamond ring signat








 Object: Jupiter

Description: In these pictures, we can see three of the main satellites, and a beautifull Jupiter with its bands. In one of the pictures, I have taken the histogram to the limit, to ease the viewing of the moons.




 Object: Saturn

Description: Saturn is ALWAYS a spectacular target to image. Unfortunately I’ve not targeted it as much as it deserves, in part due to a lacking of the appropiate equipment to do so.

Technical data: 2008/08/23 Meade LX-200 8″ at F20, DSI, RGB with Meade filters. Adquired and stacked with Meade Envisage, and processed with Astroart.


Object: Comet Holmes (17P Holmes)

Description: This comet was a big surprise for everybody, at the end of 2007. Nobody expected it to go as bright as it went. I tried to track it form some days, while it was getting brighter.

The first picture was taken on November the 3rd. The second one was taken a week afterwards, and the increase in brightness is more than apparent.

17P Holmes

Object: Comet Panstarrs C/2011 L4

Description: This comet was discovered in 2011, and was soon predicted to be one of the most spectacular comets to visit our backyard in 2013. And although it finally stayed a bit short of the “magnitude 0” expectation, it was a fine object to see, almost naked eye, and very easy to image with a regular camera.

These pictures were made on March 15, from Falset, using an Olympus E450, through a 150mm zoom, at ISO 400, and exposures ranging from 4 to 6 seconds. No post processing (only cropping).



Object: Comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy

Lovejoy tricomiaDescription: This comet approached the Earth at the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015. The expectations were not very high, which was a good thing.

I tried DSLR photography with it, although it was a tinny target. I also imaged it with my telescope using my standard configuration.

These are pictures taken with a Canon 70D, a 35-135mm lens working at F3.5, RAW configuration, delayed shooting using a cable, a sturdy tripod, ISO 1600, and 15 second exposures. The images were dark calibrated. Processinf was done with PixInsight.

lovejoy 1 assenyalatlovejoy 2 assenyalat

With my 200mm telescope at F7.7, with the QSI583 at bin2X2, and using RGB filters, I imaged with 100 seconds integration time to avoid much movement of the comet.Processing was not easy for me, and I tried to work with stars and the comet aside, to create a composition in which star trails wouldn’t show.

Lovejoy tricomia

When the comet was near Taurus & Pleiades, I used my Canon 70D piggybacked on the LX200, for a 10-minute-long shot. Processed with PixInsight to remove gradients.

lovejoy v1

Object: Mercury, Venus and Jupiter (conjunction)

Description: This is a wonderful triple conjunction. Mercury, Venus and Jupiter grouped together at the end of May, 2013, in an event which will take a long time to happen again.

These pictures were made on May 27, from Sant Cugat, using an Olympus E450, through a 150mm zoom, at ISO 200, and exposures ranging from 2 to 4 seconds. I adjusted the histogram in the only post processing I did, to get a better contrast and light condition.

20130527-Mercuri Venus Júpiter 03 (small) signed20130527-Mercuri Venus Júpiter 01 (small) signed

20130527-Mercuri Venus Júpiter 02 (small) signed