Milky Way

Welcome to the Milky Way image page. Here you’ll access some of my pictures, all of them taken with DSLR cameras.

 Object: Milky Way from Tanzania

sky03 iso400 15s 8framesDescription: From my 2014 summer trip to Northern Tanzania, these are some of my pictures of that wonderful night sky. The Milky Way, between Sagittarius and Scorpius is pictured first. I have identified a remarkable number of deep sky objects! The Milky Way, between Scorpius and Lupus appears in the second image.


Technical data and processing: All the images were taken sky05 iso400 15s 5frameswith a Canon 70D camera, using a 18mm, f3.5 lens, ISO 400 and 15-second exposures, with RAW quality. I also used a sturdy tripod, and a remote cable shutter to avoid vibrations. I processed using draks, and stacking (up to 8 frames in the first image, and up to 5 in the second). I used PixInsight for all the processing task, and I took advantage of masks to enhance the contrast between the Milky Way central part and the background.

sky03 iso400 15s 8frames identification






sky05 iso400 15s 5frames identification






slide-Milky Way 03







slide-Milky Way 05








Object: Milky Way from Montsec area in Catalonia

Via Làctia MontsecDescription: The sky at Montsec in northern Catalonia is a Starlight certified one. As such, this is one of the most pristine skies in Europe. Taken on June, 17th 2015.


Technical data and processing: The image was taken with a Canon 70D camera, using a 18mm lens, stopped at f4, and at ISO3200. Exposure was 4 minutes, thanks to the iOptron Skytracker. Although the alignment was quick and dirty, the tracking was excellent. Processed with PixInsight (background modelization, deconvolution, histogram adjustment, noise reduction, color saturation).

This is a crop of the image, between the constellations of Scorpius and Saggitarius:

Via Làctia detall Montsec

And this is a 3-image mosaic, showing the Milky Way in its full glory over the Montsec Observatory domes:

Montsec Via Làctia panorama de 3 signed



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