TS 80mm APO refractor with QSI583 WSG

This is my “mobile” equipment. It is designed to be transportable and easily set up in the field.

The OTA is a TS 80mm APO refractor, a triplete built specifically for astrophotography.

ts apo

The field reducer & flattener is screwed, as is the CCD. The focuser is a rack & pinnion one, able to hold heavy equipment in the optical train.

Without the reducer, this refractor is F6.0, but in my configuration, with the reducer, it gets to F4.7.

The mount is an iOptron iEQ30Pro, a nice one as far as I’ve been using it.


I had to install elements to balance it all, due to the weight of the QSI, and I also needed spacers to get the correct distance between the focal plane and the reducer.


This are the tech data with this setup, used at bin 1X1 and the focal reducer:

Effective F ratio: F4.7
Effective focal length: 376 mm.
Resolution: 2.86 arcsec/pixels
Effective FOV: 2.64 X 1.99  degrees